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McGregor Industrial Park

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Consisting of over 9,650 Acres of land, and existing infrastructure equivalent to that of a a small town, the former Naval plant is the Crown Jewel of McGregor Industrial Real Estate.   Ferguson Enterprise and   C3 anchor the industrial park, along with Space Exploration Technologies who were the first commercial company to launch a private spacecraft and rendezvous with  the International Space Station.

The large variety of sites, like A-100 , a 52,000 sq ft office facility located in AREA - A ,  a Large Rocket Engine test stand,  leased by Spacex, as found in AREA - L as well as Large air-conditioned warehouses, as found in AREA - D allows McGregor to compete for new industry with anyone in the State. This industrial park consist of over 15 Miles of black top road, its own water storage facility, rail, and several thousand acres of raw land that are available to erect new structures.


Area A Area B Area C Area D Area E Area L Area G